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Our Services

Hearing Instruments – Quality Service

Here at Westhrin Hearing Center, we carry a complete range of hearing instrument types and models. We work with the major manufactures in the industry.

  • CIC: The completely-in-the-canal hearing instrument fits entirely in the inner ear canal.

  • Canal Hearing Instrument: The canal hearing instrument is tailored to your inner ear canal, therefore they do not fit as far as the CIC, which is completely in the canal.

  • Half-Shell Hearing Instrument: The half-shell hearing instrument is a bit larger than the canal hearing instrument, but will accommodate two microphones for better hearing in noisy environments.

  • In the Ear Hearing Instrument: This type of hearing instruments fills most of the outer ear bowl-shaped area. It is easy to insert and has larger and longer-lasting battery life. This instrument also has two microphones for better clarity in noise.

  • Behind the Ear Hearing Instrument: This hearing instrument fits over the top of the ear. It works for a variety of hearing losses and has the strongest amplification of any style.

  • RIC Hearing Instruments: This type of hearing instrument fits discreetly on top of the ear with the receiver going into the ear canal. These models are designed to work with a remote control, TV streamer, or cell phone (Apple 5 of higher models).

All of our hearing instruments here at Westhrin Hearing Center, are high quality and very affordable.

Hearing Instrument Repairs – Affordable Prices

Westhrin Hearing Aid Center, Inc.There is nothing that makes you feel worse than when your hearing instrument malfunctions. Hearing Instrument repair is sometimes very stressful and can leave you without reliable or definitive hearing for weeks. We will test and program a loaner hearing instrument that you can use while yours is getting repaired.

That is why, here at Westhrin Hearing Center, we provide affordable and fast hearing instrument repair services. We understand how much you need your hearing instrument, and that is why our hearing instrument loaner service is always fast and included at no charge.

We can repair any style of hearing instrument very often the same day. Because we do our repairs right in our office, we can often repair your hearing instrument while you wait.  With any repair we will clean your hearing instrument free of charge. Our hearing instrument repair services at Westhrin Hearing Center are always fast and affordable.

We work with all the major manufacturers:

  • Audina

  • Audibel

  • Bernafon

  • GN Resound

  • Hansaton

  • Micro-Tech

  • Oticon

  • Phonak

  • Rexton

  • Rion

  • Siemens

  • Sonic Innovations

  • Starkey

  • Unitron Hearing

  • Widex

Hearing Tests – Make an Appointment Today

At Westhrin Hearing Center, we provide hearing tests for our patients. We believe that it is imperative for our patients to be prescribed the proper hearing instruments for their particular hearing loss and lifestyle.